Defending the Realm of the Phoenix King

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Fantasy Flight

A Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game spotlight


Every tenth year, the court of the Everqueen goes forth upon a seaborne pilgrimage to the hidden Tower of the Sun south of the equator. The Queen alone can hold back the slow encroachment of the gravid orb Morrslieb that occurs with every eclipse… The Everqueen gives up her own moonblood in a great ritual that ensures Morrslieb is held at bay for another decade. Such is the Elven way; to save the world and expect nothing in return.
–Warhammer, “The Eclipse Wars”


Mostly disdainful of the Old World’s other races, the High Elves rarely rely upon any strength other than their own. Over a history of warfare, this has led them to develop strong defenses, wrought both of stone and of spell. With the upcoming release of Realm of the Phoenix King, the second Battle Pack in The Capital Cycle for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, the High Elves gain new defenses–and a new Fortification–to help them stand tall against wave after wave of their opponents’ assaults.

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