What Secrets Lie in the Shadow of the Monolith?

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Fantasy Flight

Announcing an upcoming Asylum Pack for Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game



The moon, now near the zenith, shone weirdly and vividly above the towering steeps that hemmed in the chasm, and revealed the fact that a far-flung body of water flowed at the bottom, winding out of sight in both directions, and almost lapping my feet as I stood on the slope. Across the chasm, the wavelets washed the base of the Cyclopean monolith, on whose surface I could now trace both inscriptions and crude sculptures.
–H. P. Lovecraft, Dagon

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Shadow of the Monolith, the sixth and final Asylum Pack in the Ancient Relics cycle for Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game!

In the first quarter of 2012, players worldwide will pull back the final veils of the Ancient Relics cycle and the Ancient Ones’ global reach. However, the 60 cards (3 copies each of 20 different cards) in Shadow of the Monolith aren’t for the feint of heart, and as the different factions of Call of Cthulhu travel to the South Pacific, they are greeted by malevolent cultists and their dark spells. Who will prosper as the final secrets of the Ancient Relics cycle are revealed? Who will fall mad or die along the way?


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