Ghost Stories : Black Secrets

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Don’t go anywhere alone!

On top of winning awards all over the world for his fantastic games, Mr. Antoine Bauza has created many other games that don’t win as many awards, despite being excellent. It looks like there just aren’t enough awards out there.


Ghost Stories is already a very successful game, and deservedly so. There’s even an expansion called White Moon. And now, the latest instalment of ghost-hunting Taoist monks are ready to battle the ultimate villain and his catacombs full of nasty monsters, the very origin of evil.


The biggest difference between Black Secret and the base game or expansion is that now one player will play the role of the demon against his friends. What started out as a purely cooperative game now lets you play one powerful fiend against all comers.

Ghost Stories: Black Secret is intended for players who already have some experience with the earlier incarnations of the game. It is fully compatible with White Moon and will give you a challenge that will even make the experts out there sweat a little.

Play The Game Podcast looks at Black Secret.



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