Star Trek Deck Building Game Premium Edition

By / March 1, 2012 / Dave, In Play!, News

Marty, Steve and I sat down for a quick play of the Star Trek Deck Building Game. My first impression is; it has potential. The initial game play is relatively fast. The use of an in-hand deck manipulator card  for quick character upgrades is a nice addition. The face-up pool of cards for purchase helps with creating your custom deck for mission objectives.

Marty is a well rounded game player and doesn’t focus exclusively on deck builders, I don’t either, don’t get me wrong we’re not against them we just haven’t found one that really resonates with us. So when we were finished playing I was eager to hear his thoughts. His overall opinion was cautiously optimistic. As this was our first play we inevitably played a few parts incorrectly and this leads me to my one gripe.

Ban Dai needs to hire a better technical writer. Their manual is lean on details and poor on execution. I’ve played a bunch of deck builders and all have tiny footprint manuals, but Ban Dai’s  suffers from a lack of clear progression of game play. They’ve added tutorial videos to their website, a clear indicator I’m not alone with some of the vagaries of the printed manual. In short, after you get done parsing the manual take about 20 minutes to view the videos and you should have a solid understanding on how game play works and you’ll be well on your way to having a fun and slightly immersive Star Trek experience.

We’ll be doing a more extensive Review/Gameplay segment soon.


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