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I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of C2E2. This being its third year, it’s fairly new to the “Con” scene.  ReedPop the folks that bring you New York Comic Con, Pax Dev, Pax, East, Pax Prime and many others put together C2E2 for the Midwest.

C2E2 (Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo) happens in April and is a good kick off to con season. The attendance has been rising. In its inaugural year, 2010, 27,500 attended, last year, 2011, 34,000 made it to the show. They haven’t released the numbers for this year but Marty and I were thinking it felt like more then last year. We’ll see.

One of the things noticeably absent was a designated gaming area. Last years C2E2 had an area located across from the dealer hall. It was a nice open space with plenty of tables conveniently located close to all the panels and venders. This year with the change of location that area was axed.

Marty and I did attend a few panels devoted to area’s relevant to gaming. The first was a panel devoted to Kickstarter. We really like what Kickstarter is doing for gaming and we plan to devote a few minutes to Kickstarter projects we think are worth noting in future episodes. The second panel was devoted to tabletop gaming. The speakes, Kenneth Hite and Will Hindmarch both work in the gaming industry. Ken has been writing and designing games since 1981, full time since 1995. His credits are extensive including GURPS, Trail of Cthulhu, Day after Ragnorak and many others. Will has worked as a writer/designer on Dragon Age RPG, World of Darkness, and Marvel Heroes RPG. Both speakers were excellent and Ken was kind enough to grant us some of his time for an interview.

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