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By / April 17, 2012 / Marty


So this past weekend I attended C2E2, Chicago’s Comics and Entertainment Expo.  This is it’s third year and it continues to grow.  The amount of people in attendance on Saturday was staggering and I look forward to seeing the numbers when they are finally released.  I’ve been to all three shows and it’s really amazing to feel like you are a part of something from the beginning, getting in on the ground floor and being able to watch it grow.  This really is an amazing show and the folks at Reed should be commended for continuing to give Comic Book and Pop Culture fans the show that they want.

But, Hey, waitaminute!?  This is a podcast (and website) dedicated to gaming, so why all this hubbub about a comic book convention?

Well, I’ll tell you why.

Comics, Games and Movies are among three of my favorite things.  Now it could be said that I have far too many hobbies and this would probably be true.  But I like to think of myself as a well rounded geek and so I take pleasure in many forms of Pop Culture.

More to the point, this year I got to sit down and talk with the Creative Director of Margaret Weis Productions, Cam Banks.  Mr. Banks is the driving force behind one of the company’s latest releases, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying.   He was a very amiable and interesting guy to talk to.  We shot an interview and will be posting it to this site in the near future.  We’ll also be including it with a few other segments we are putting together for a special C2E2 Episode of Play The Game.

The reason I am so excited to get to talk about the game, which I have yet to test out, but hope to in the next few days, is that the old Marvel Superheroes game put out by TSR all those years ago was my first foray into a much larger world, both of gaming and of comic books.

So I feel some allegiance to role playing those four colored heroes.  They’ve    helped to make me the person I am today.  And no, I don’t dress in spandex and haunt the darkened city streets of Chicago, putting fear into the hearts of criminals. I’ve seen Kickass and I can tell you one thing for sure…I’m no Kickass.  I tend to vomit when I bleed.  And cry.  Cry when I bleed, not vomit.


Back to my point, if I have one.

C2E2 always reminds me of why I love comics, superheroes and entertainment in general.  It’s about the stories and it’s about the community.

Gaming is very much the same way.  Friends sitting around telling stories.

Friends and stories…

I guess those fall into a few of my favorite things, too.



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