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By / April 29, 2012 / About, Marty

Marty Burnham is a suburbanite moonlighting as a city dweller.  While he dips his toes into the great city that is Chicago, he often turns tail at the first signs of “trouble”, retreating to the safe confines of his townhome, which he shares with his two cats and his wife and their collection of boardgames.

An avid gamer, Marty has been playing games since he was a small boy, a time when elves and trolls seemed fairly ridiculous and far away.  Growing up he longed for those bygone days and now tries to relive them whenever he can by sitting around a table and rolling dice while cursing his friends and secretly believing them to be trolls in disguise.   Marty also likes movies and comic books.  This means Marty is a bit of a man-child with serious issues regarding reality and fantasy.

In his real life, Marty has earned a Bachelors Degree in Film, so naturally this means he teaches, on a part time basis, Photoshop to teenagers.

He loves creating Play The Game and hopes that others enjoy it as much as he does.  He really, really needs them to.

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