Game Day Talisman!!

By / January 1, 2013 / Dave

It began the morning of  December 30th. The atmosphere thick with the morning gloom of overcast sky as the legendary Chicago winds  blew, numbing to the core, the hawk was out this day. One by one they descended, drawn from the four corners of the world, compelled by the promise of carnage and plunder. Each seeking redemption for defeats past but not forgotten.

Talisman has gone through many iterations as well as companies. Bret’s customized version is a pleasure to play.  Each Realm has a distinctive feel that adds to game play. For more than 3 players this classic is definitely a stay at home evening of play with games extending over six hours with more than 6 players or playing multiple characters. In my opinion Bret’s  version is in serious contention for tournament play at an upcoming GenCon should DWD ever decide to REF.

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