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Josh started gaming as many did with the Dungeons & Dragons Red Box back when he was a wee lad in Elementary Schooll. Unfortunately, by the time he was in Junior High, the D&D ‘Satanic Panic’ was in full swing in Arizona and quite a few of his friends were not allowed to play the game that taught children to worship Satan, summon demons and shoot fireballs through their fingertips.  Sadly this game taught him none of those things (he looked), but one of his friends stumbled on a copy of Runequest and they switched to that as the terrified parents in town did not know anything about it, and for those who asked,  they showed them the pictures of Ducks… And carefully avoided discussion of Broos/Goatkin…
Time passed and they moved on to Robotech by Palladium Games in High School, adding RIFTS in (in a perhaps cringeworthy combination) that he ran all the way through college, between bouts of Star Fleet Battles and Heavy Gear.
Josh largely stopped tabletop gaming for well over a decade as he fell into a completely unexpected profession, and ended up living far from the desert wastes of Arizona.
At the urging of his now wife,  Josh stopped into Black Sun Games in Chicago six years ago and signed up to play in a Rogue Trader campaign.
Through unfortunate real life circumstances,  he ended up running an RPG night there every week starting with the newly release ‘Dragon Age’ which they would come back to repeatedly over the course of a year as they tried new systems.
Black Sun is unfortunately long since closed and Josh is now a dad gamer who thinks a bit too much about gaming while playing not nearly enough.
Josh’s usual focus is on RPGs, and his preferences land him firmly in ‘middle crunch’ territory: Savage Worlds, 13th Age, Runequest 6th Edition, Covert Ops, Dungeon Crawl Classics and of course the AGE system for historical reasons.

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