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By / September 8, 2013 / Dave, General

Zentradi 2As I was wandering through Adepticon’s dealer room I had a chance to see some of RPG Tactics Robotech models up close and personal. RPG Tactics had a successful Kickstarter, bringing in $1,442,312, to fund this game  They weren’t doing any demos while I was there but I did get a chance to talk to them for a couple of minutes. During the discussion they mentioned they were going to be at GenCon and have a playable demo. I did get a look at the unpainted models, they looked very good and I think they will hold to play very well.

Flash forward to GenCon.


I tracked down RPG Tactics and they had Robotech demo’ed on a couple of tables, for the first time you could see and handle some painted minis. They looked great and felt solid. Robotech is basically a skirmish game. The Zentraedi vs. the UEDF. The game  is a mix or hybrid of a couple of game systems. Results of battle are based on 6 sided die roles. The main feature being the use of command points.  These points allow you to influence the outcome of combat. Anther unique feature come from the fact that the UEDF Veritech fighter has three modes, Valkyrie (Aircraft), Guardian, and Battloid and are represented by three models, one for each mode. The separate models make for a nice visual touch and hold true to the animated series that inspired the game. Units have laminated game cards with various stats that are marked off with dry erase  as combat ensues. The command points are represented with a six sided die that is rotated, decreasing as you use them. Standard mini rules apply like line of sight and distance limitations and game play is quick. RPG Tactics definitely spent their Kickstarter money on the components, while the game is very pretty to look at. BattleI’m not sure this game has longevity, other than the nostalgia factor it doesn’t have a  lot of innovation.  I’m not sure I see this game breaking out into the general miniature gamer market. I don’t think it brings anything new to the table.

I give it 3 pips on a 6 sided die.

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