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Timeline Science and Discoveries

Timeline by Asmodee Games –

I’ve reviewed the original Timeline in the past and last night my wife and I sat down to break open one of it’s expansions.  The Discoveries expansion covers a timeline spanning from -7,000,000 to 1996,  covering events such as the discovery of Angor Wat to the creation of Insulin and gives you plenty of room to prove your historical knowledge with a good deal of swagger and a little accuracy.  Knowing the difference between when Cro-magnon Man and Homo Sapiens first appeared or when two different cultures discovered the potato can win you the game and provides you with the added bonus of getting to rub your historical expertise in your friends faces.  Our game, or games rather, were a back and forth of missed dates and triumphant guessing.  In the end, without keeping track of wins and losses, we both came away with a better sense of our profound lack of historical knowledge and a need to combine this expansion with our original copy for greater, if mildly embarrassing, fun.

Timeline, along with it’s expansions, is an incredibly fun and challenging game, worth the low cost of entry for an experience that can be enjoyed by the whole family.


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