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By / July 22, 2015 / General, Marty

This one has been gathering dust and is thick with cobwebs.  Smells kinda moldy too.


I sit here editing the latest episode of our podcast. It’s our fourth audio episode. We’ve done this in eight weeks. We’ve almost caught up with the video podcast. Boy, this audio thing is easy.

Or is it?

This latest episode involves Jon and I sitting at the table discussing Role playing games. We spend a lot of the time, as I’ve found while cutting, spinning our wheels and occasionally finding our point. It’s frustrating.
We’re still finding our voice and footing. It’s way more work than I expected.
It’s entertaining work. It’s fun. But it is work.

Since that’s how I define it, why do I do it? Nobody actually likes work. That’s why it’s work and not fun. Right?

But I like to do work about fun things, it would seem. Taking my hobbies and making them a greater part of my life. Finding a balance that is rewarding and still fun.

In that it seems that this work, like life, is quite a bit like a game.

Ergo, life and work, like games, are fun.  At least that is the hope.

Does that make sense?

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