Pandemic: Legacy

By / October 22, 2015 / Board Games, In Play!

Alex, Jason, Molly and I have all decided to test our friendship.  We have, as a group, purchased a copy of Pandemic: Legacy.  I’ll chart our progress here as we go. The number of games that can be played range from 12 to 24.  If we successfully complete our objectives every month, we will save the world in twelve months time.  If we don’t, well, that number of plays becomes much higher.

Follow us here as we test our mettle and the bonds of friendship with Pandemic: Legacy!

  • January: Game 1 – Fail!
  • January: Game 2 – Success!
  • February: Game 1 – Success! (Essen is rioting!)
  • March: Game 1 – Fail! (on the last turn!) (Tokyo is rioting, Essen is rioting even more!)


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