Mutant: Year Zero

By / August 19, 2016 / Marty, Roleplaying Games, RPG

My group is now running through a campaign of Modiphius Entertainment’s wonderful little post apocalyptic horror show Mutant: Year Zero.

In the game, players take on the role of, not surprisingly, Mutants.  Survivors of an apocalypse living in the ruins of a decaying city, hidden away in their home, a relatively safe haven, which is referred to as The Ark.  The Ark is home to some two hundred plus mutants who are day by day dying off from starvation, thirst and the rot.  Reproduction is impossible, a side effect of their being mutants.  It is a hard life, made harder by the fact that the mutants long time caretaker, a being referred to as the Elder, is finally dying, succumbing to old age or disease or the rot.  Possibly all three.  The People, as they are referred to, must strike out into the outlying Zone to find salvation.

My group, having come off of a 13th Age campaign that saw them, or at least some of them, ascend from mere mortals in service to various kingdoms and the Icons,  to become Icons themselves, attaining a level of power that bordered (but certainly didn’t…)on Godhood, wanted something a little different.  We had gone back and forth on returning to our 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign, but the feeling stood that fantasy needed a break.  I offered up a handful of suggestions of games that I would be interested in running.  After much discussion and board game playing, we came to the decision to play Mutant: Year Zero, an obviously much less fantastic and much deadlier setting.

Character and Ark creation took up the first night’s session.

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