Gen Con 2017 – A Marty’s Tale

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Once again, the time was upon us.  Gen Con 2017, the 50th Anniversary. Big doings!

One year removed from my return to Gen Con, I found myself once more hurtling down the interstate with a car full of my trusty companions on our way to Indianapolis.  We had burst free of Minnesota that warm August morning with games in our heart and an entire fleet of Armada Miniatures in our trunk.

We arrived in Downtown Indy at approximately 5pm Wednesday afternoon.  We checked in at our hotel, took part in the complimentary dinner they provided (brats, burgers and beer) and then made our way over to the Indianapolis Convention Center to face the dreaded Will Call line.  Only, it wasn’t nearly as dreaded as we’d feared.  Perhaps the early sellout/no tickets available for purchase thing really was some sort of godsend. In any case, once past the line that was not a line, we took a quick tour of the facilities to better acclimate some of the newer of us to the venue, proceeded out to Georgia St. to not get a beer and not listen to Lez Zeppelin on a warm, but breezy summers evening and instead decided to hunker down and do what we’d come to Gen Con to do.


It was light fare Wednesday Night.  Some rounds of Bang: The Dice Game, a little bit of Coup and it’s blind variation and a few other quick games to wrap up the night.  You can read a more in depth review of the night here at Alex’s Recap.

My convention experience varies greatly from the aforementioned recap articles.  My experience, heavy with regret, grows more disheartening as we journey ever on.  Take care, gentle reader.

My experience was one of determination and perseverance, even in the face of most disheartening apathy.  But boy, let me tell you, did I find a bunch of that.


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