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It Starts! GenCon 2016

      Reminder: Holiday Closures and Upcoming Important Dates The Gen Con offices will close on December 21 through January 1, so employees may enjoy time with their families and friends during the holiday season. In 2016, Event Submission will begin on January 6, and Badge Pre-Registration will open on January 22. Additional information on how to submit events and get your Gen Con 2016 badge will become available in the coming weeks. Thank you for a great year! The Gen Con team looks…

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Folklore: The Affliction UPDATE of the Ridiculous

So, I was prompted to write about Kickstarter a couple of weeks ago, after we received a press release for Folklore: The Affliction being on Kickstarter. Then promptly forgot about it.  Here’s a link. This arrived this morning: Final Days on Kickstarter! “In case you missed it, Folklore: The Affliction is wrapping up on Kickstarter and has blasted through 26 stretch goals! A lot of great content and miniatures have been added, and we are especially looking forward to the advanced story journal created with Adam &…

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In defense of Wil Wheaton, even though he’s completely capable of defending himself

Around the same time Marty and I were starting PTG Felicia Day started Geek and Sundry. Will Wheaton, a friend of Felicia’s, proposed a show called TableTop for G&S, the idea behind the show being a group people (celebrities) would get together play a game and talk about what-not. Simple, kind of like “Dinner and a Movie” but with a different board game every week instead of dinner. I was curious but I didn’t understand why anyone would sit around and watch other people play a game…

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Kickstarter Fatigue and Risk

I like the idea of Kickstarter. I been a backer since 2012 and backed about 70 projects. I think it’s great that there is a community of like minded individuals out there that can come together to help someone create their dream. With that said, is anyone else out there getting Kickstarter fatigue? Kickstarter  is being used as a place to generate buzz and lock in pre-sales for established companies. I’m not sure I agree with the whole locking in pre-sales thing for every project you come up…

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Demoed- Blood Rage

I had the opportunity to play a demo of Blood Rage at GenCon. Deveolped by Guillotine Games, Studio McVey, designer Eric M. Lang and artist Adrian Smith Distributed by CoolMini and funded through Kickstarter, (wow that’s a mouth full.) It brought in just under a million with just under 10,000 backers. I didn’t back it but a friend of mine did. Our group has recently taken on the philosophy of the “group buy.” In other words if we see a game that we think might…

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Podcast Episode #104 – Jon and Marty Talk RPGs

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In this episode Jon and Marty talk about RPGs and their own personal histories with Roleplaying, people they have gamed with and their general preferred play styles.   Sit back, have a listen and enjoy the conversation!

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Here are the show notes:

Dungeons & Dragons:

Savage Worlds RPG:

   • Interface Zero:

Spirit of the Century:

Marvel Heroic RPG (the “New” one):

Marvel Super Heroes (the “Old” one):

Shadowrun RPG:

Fiasco RPG:

   • The Ice:

Babylon 5 Component Game System:

Dark Tower Board Game:

Ral Partha Miniatures:

Top Secret RPG:

Gamma World RPG:

Champions RPG:

Pathfinder RPG:


   • Ashen Stars:

William Gibson:

Blade Runner:

Thanks for listening!

Welcome to the third Hot Events Newsletter! What are Hot Events? They are ticketed games, seminars, films, and activities, hand-picked to showcase the diversity and fun of Gen Con. Attendees may select tickets from among more than 7,000 currently available events, and there are even more events on the way. This week’s Hot Event Newsletter is brought to you by Gen Con Co-Sponsor Paizo, Inc. and the letter “C” … for classic! Read on for a look at events and organizations that have stood the…

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