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2E with the Nephews, Part 2: Drayton Joins the Party

So at the end of the last post William had played his first module and was ready and willing to play much much more. My parents watch my nephews in the mornings before summer school so when my youngest nephew, Drayton, was dropped off the next morning that was all that William could talk about. Since I had a sleepover planned with Drayton I figured this would be super easy. I could run him through the same module and they could join up some how.…

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2E with the Nephews, Part 1: William

Hello, All! This is the first installment of the story of how I got into leading my nephews through some 2nd Edition Dungeons & Dragons adventures. First, some backstory.   Earlier this year I got roped into playing the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons (5th edition, also called 5E). It took a fair amount of arm twisting but eventually I agreed. Those first few sessions took me back to my original days of 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons(or 2E) at the local comic…

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