• Alex Generous

    By / August 3, 2014 / About, Alex

    Alex Generous is a student at Mayo Graduate School, part of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He is working on his PhD thesis with a focus on measles virus. He started gaming with Settlers of Catan, Risk, and Magic: The Gathering. He has been hooked ever since. His foray into RPGs started with Fifth… [read more]

  • Jason Duncan

    By / August 4, 2013 / About, Jason

    Jason is an Elementary School Teacher most weekdays and has always had an interest in Fantasy and Science Fiction. While he was growing up, the best game in the world was Monopoly, a game that still holds a special place in his heart. Like most people nowadays, Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride were… [read more]

  • Josh Rasey

    By / August 3, 2013 / About, Josh

    Josh started gaming as many did with the Dungeons & Dragons Red Box back when he was a wee lad in Elementary Schooll. Unfortunately, by the time he was in Junior High, the D&D ‘Satanic Panic’ was in full swing in Arizona and quite a few of his friends were not allowed to play the… [read more]

  • Jon Smejkal

    By / August 3, 2013 / About, Jon

    It all started with a board game. There were many before it, but this one was Dark Tower. Jon enjoyed Dark Tower quite a bit, so much so, that when his parents were visiting Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, his mother stopped by a little shop named TSR Hobbies. There, she saw display cases filled with little lead figurines… [read more]

  • Marty Burnham

    By / April 29, 2012 / About, Marty

    Marty Burnham is a suburbanite moonlighting as a city dweller.  While he dips his toes into the great city that is Chicago, he often turns tail at the first signs of “trouble”, retreating to the safe confines of his townhome, which he shares with his two cats and his wife and their collection of boardgames…. [read more]

  • David Morton

    By / April 28, 2012 / About

    David Morton’s geek cred dates back to 1979 when he played his first games of D&D, Space Invaders and Asteroids. “By Night”, for over 25 years, he has been a play tester for both analog and video games . He loves the social aspects of hanging out with a group of friends enjoying the relaxed pace… [read more]

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