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Alex’s Gateway

How to Introduce a Role-Playing Game: Starting a new group of people in an RPG can be a daunting task. I personally initiated a select group of my friends into D&D 5th Edition. Our group has been dabbling in 2E & 13 Age, but I am much more familiar with that system. Some of my advice will be 5e specific and may have to be altered for different RPGs. 1) appear to know the rules. The perception of knowledge is far more important than actually…

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Alex Generous

Alex Generous is a student at Mayo Graduate School, part of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He is working on his PhD thesis with a focus on measles virus. He started gaming with Settlers of Catan & Risk, and has been hooked ever since. His foray into RPGs is relatively new but he is currently in Fifth Edition D&D and 13th Age campaigns. His collection is a large array of gateway games as he is constantly evangelizing his social groups to the hobby.  Age:…

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