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Podcast Episode #104 – Jon and Marty Talk RPGs

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In this episode Jon and Marty talk about RPGs and their own personal histories with Roleplaying, people they have gamed with and their general preferred play styles.   Sit back, have a listen and enjoy the conversation!

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Here are the show notes:

Dungeons & Dragons:

Savage Worlds RPG:

   • Interface Zero:

Spirit of the Century:

Marvel Heroic RPG (the “New” one):

Marvel Super Heroes (the “Old” one):

Shadowrun RPG:

Fiasco RPG:

   • The Ice:

Babylon 5 Component Game System:

Dark Tower Board Game:

Ral Partha Miniatures:

Top Secret RPG:

Gamma World RPG:

Champions RPG:

Pathfinder RPG:


   • Ashen Stars:

William Gibson:

Blade Runner:

Thanks for listening!