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The Amazing Sinbad (Glue)!

“Ladies and Gentlemen! Step right up and witness the one glue for bonding everything to everything else! Canvas! Cork! Glass! Leather! Metal! Rubber! Stone! Vinyl! Wood! You name it and this product will stick to it! And it will do it in 30 seconds flat! How strong is the bond you ask? Not only will it hold aloft a construction worker glued to a girder by his helmet, but he can be riding a motorcycle at the same time! That’s right! It will hold up…

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Atomic Highway – RPG Review

Riding the Atomic Highway In honor of the impending new Mad Max movie, our regular gaming group played Colin Chapman’s Atomic Highway this evening AND HAD A GREAT TIME! Atomic Highway uses Radioactive Ape Design’s V6 Engine system. The V6 Engine utilizes sets of 7 attributes and 20 skills. When a die roll is called for (and they make a point of saying, ‘only when necessary’), you choose the appropriate attribute and skill that apply. You roll a number of six-sided dice equal to your attribute, with the…

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Atomic Robo – RPG Review

Atomic Robo: Katsumi Reborn About a month ago, we finally got the chance to give Atomic Robo – The Roleplaying Game a whirl. Character Generation To help with character generation, I put together a set of worksheets with examples. You can check them out here: ARRPGchargenWorksheet What we ended up with was: Bongo (Experiment P37) – Sapient Circus Bear (Weird Character Creation method – Beast mode. Okay, brief backstory here: Bongo was a circus bear that had enough of riding bicycles and lashed out at the crowd, killing a…

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