A Return To A Little Normalcy

By / August 13, 2021 / General

After almost two years of self imposed exile, Play The Game Podcast will be returning to GenCon for its 2021 gamer love fest.

Gen Con 2017 – A Marty’s Tale

By / September 15, 2017 / GenCon 2017, General, Marty, Roleplaying Games, RPG

Once again, the time was upon us.  Gen Con 2017, the 50th Anniversary. Big doings! One year removed from my return to Gen Con, I found myself once more hurtling down the interstate with a car full of my trusty companions on our way to Indianapolis.  We had burst free of Minnesota that warm August… [read more]


Sunday morning. Demos! Minis! Art?   Kevin and I do the morning, even earlier, to pack our stuff in the car. We head to the Exhibit Hall. Again, we wait outside a door, some of the first people there at 8 am. We talked and caught up on each other’s lives. One of the best… [read more]


Saturday. There would be blood, sweat, and zombie tears. 6 am. Too early. Snooze until 7.   Early morning waiting Kevin and I headed down to breakfast in the hotel, and walked to the Convention Center, arriving in front of the door adjacent to the USAopoly booth. We were the fifth and sixth person there…. [read more]


Friday. A day of conquering fears, vampires, giant metal robots, scheduling, and werewolves.     “Stoker: First Blood” Night’s Black Agents Friday morning saw Marty and I at a Night’s Black Agents game entitled “Stoker: First Blood.” It was set before the events of the book Dracula. We talked a little with the group with… [read more]


GenCon begins. My mantra: I WILL HAVE FUN THIS YEAR! (and definitely not embarrass myself*) Our group woke around 7 AM, heading down to the hotel’s continental breakfast, arguably the best part of staying at the Staybridge. With bellies full, we headed out to the Convention Center where Will broke off to head towards his… [read more]

Alex’s GenCon 2017 ReCap Part 1

GenCon50 – the chance for the world’s largest gaming convention to redeem itself for me or decisively lose my interest. GenCon 2016. The largest gaming convention in the world. As a hobby gamer, going was my Mecca, my Holy Grail, my pilgrimage…and it had fallen completely flat. Hype can be a cruel mistress. And I… [read more]

Isle of Skye : A Play The Game Boardgame Review

By / August 19, 2016 / Board Games, Game Reviews, In Play!, Marty

Recently, while at Gen Con 2016, I picked up a copy of the Kennerspiel de Jahres 2016 award winner, Isle of Skye.  And I can tell you right now, I’m very happy to have done so. In Isle of Skye, players take on the roles of Scottish Clan Lords, involved in the purchasing of land… [read more]

Mutant: Year Zero

By / August 19, 2016 / Marty, Roleplaying Games, RPG

My group is now running through a campaign of Modiphius Entertainment’s wonderful little post apocalyptic horror show Mutant: Year Zero. In the game, players take on the role of, not surprisingly, Mutants.  Survivors of an apocalypse living in the ruins of a decaying city, hidden away in their home, a relatively safe haven, which is… [read more]

Marty Gen Con 2016 Recap Part 4

By / August 19, 2016 / General

Marty’s Gen Con 2016 Recap Part 4

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